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These links will go directly to Chris Wohlford’s  “The Ultimate Bamboo Fly Rod Library”.

“The Ultimate Bamboo Fly Rod Library” has not been updated since 2003. The page is not active but can be found at

Bamboo Library – Books

Bamboo Library – Articles & Periodicals

Bamboo Library – Videos , US-Patents and Online


Chris Wohlford wrote at the front page:

“The Ultimate Bamboo Fly Rod Library is a comprehensive listing of published materials that deal directly or indirectly with Bamboo Fly Rods. It is my hope that this listing will help rodmakers, collectors and enthusiasts in identifying and locating published materials dealing with split cane and bamboo rods.”

“Disclaimer: The Ultimate Bamboo Fly Rod Library is a listing of published materials dealing with bamboo fly rods. It is meant as a resource for split cane & bamboo rod collectors, rodmakers and fly fishing enthusiasts to identify materials regarding split bamboo flyrods and could also contain reference to antique and/or modern fly fishing tackle, books, magazines & videos. All information provided is believed to be in the public domain. Use of the information provided should be considered a starting point for further research of the materials and is done at the user’s own risk.”

Per Egholm Andersen